About Us

Advancing Dermatologic Care in Oregon

To continually improve dermatologic care through education, advocacy, and service.

Board of Directors

  • President: Joseph Obadiah, MD
  • President-Elect: Anna Bar, MD
  • Immediate Past Co-Presidents: Tatyana Shaw, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Hester, MD
  • Directors: Oliver Wisco, MD; (one vacant position)


  • Speaker Committee selects speakers for upcoming meetings, meeting locations, and hosts speakers while they are visiting.  Chair: Sam Hopkins, MD
  • Budget Committee reviews the organization finances and recommends a budget.  Chair: Bert Tavelli, MD
  • Advocacy Committee works on issues at the Legislature, attends Oregon Medical Association legislative committee meetings, coordinate skin cancer screening events.  Chair: Scott Collins, MD
  • Membership Committee works on recruitment and retention of members and develops members for leadership positions.  Chair: Michael Adler, MD

Contact Information

[email protected]

5434 River Rd N #371
Keizer, OR 97303